my name is Stefan, I live in Germany and I'm a freelance developer.

I studied applied computer science (2007 - 2010) in an integrated degree program (Duales Studium), which I enjoyed because it wasn't the typical chalk-and-talk environment. I worked half of the time on projects in the company where I was employed, which gave me lots of insights into actual code, besides learning algorithms and data structures.

I worked for some companies from 2010 to 2020 as a full-time employee. One significant stop was a prop-tech startup, where I got to know a bunch of very experienced developers. We shared a lot of thoughts/opinions about coding in general and the way how we would like to communicate with each other. We decided to leave the startup as a team and go full-time freelancing together. A good friend offered us a place in his company where I work to this day.

I mostly code on the JVM / Typescript / Rust and Go.

I think it was 2022 when a good friend sent me a link to an OSS project, called comtrya. The author of said project is rawkode (aka David Flanagan) who also hosts Rawkode Academy. I stumbled upon his Discord where I'm now an active member hacking on a lot of OSS stuff.

Besides coding, I like to go to the gym twice a week to get up my lazy ass :D

My wife and I decided to get a Labrador in 2022. Her name is Hedi. She's a lovely addition to our small family. We love to take her for a walk in the woods.

That's it. I will continue writing stuff on my blog.

Cheers icepuma